• 12 Apartment Video Intercom System
    $4,500.00 $3,900.00

    12 Apartment Video Intercom System with Keypad & Proximity Card Access

    $4,500.00 $3,900.00

    This Cat 5 video intercom systems is suitable for apartment blocks with up to 12 apartments using a keypad door station with proximity card access. This apartment intercom system also features twelve 7″ colour digital touch screen monitors, 24 x swipe tags and power supply and related products to complete a full installation. Ideal for builders and property developers looking for a reliable quality apartment intercom system at a competitive price.


  • $399.00

    240V Ducted Vacuum Hose


    240V Vacuum Hose suitable for 240V Tornado Power head and 240V vacuum extension Rod

  • Magnetic Reed Switch

    Alarm Magnetic Reed Switch


    Super heavy duty magnetic reed switch. This home security online magnetic reed switch is made of stainless steel conduit 8mm diameter x 400m long, high permeability magnet in alloy case.

    The magnetic reed switch is usually installed in an exterior of opening doors and once tripped, sets an alarm off which cannot be  stopped by just closing the door, the alarm needs to be disarmed.


  • Hills Combo Siren

    Alarm Siren and Strobe Kit


    This Hills Combo Siren & Strobe is compatible with most major security alarm systems. Featuring built in tamper switch and sleek design, this quality alarm siren and strobe is loud enough to deter any intruder without being obtrusive.

    Compatible with most major security alarm systems, the Hills combo siren consists of:

    • 1x S1799 Combo Siren & strobe
    • 1x S3807 piezo screamer
  • Apartment door station

    Apartment Intercom Door Station with Keypad & Card Reader


    Add an additional apartment intercom door stations to our 2 wire apartment series range for a customised solution. Ideal for builders and property developers looking for a reliable quality apartment intercom system at a competitive price.

  • $72.95

    Digigard Digital Motion Detector with Pet Immunity


    This high-end performance PIR security detector with true pet immunity provides precise detection. Featuring two separate infrared sensors and unique pet-friendly lens that detect intruders with absolute accuracy while ignoring pets up to 40kg.  Its accurate detection capability and false-alarm immunity give you peace of mind at an affordable price.


  • $85.00

    Ducted Vacuum – Natural Brush Tool Set


    A quality natural fibre horse hair ducted vacuum brush set. Compatible with 32mm vacuum systems.  Ideal for replacing old worn out vacuum tool sets at an affordable price!

  • $225.00

    Ducted Vacuum 240V Tornado Power Head


    This 240V  ducted vacuum tornado power Head with headlights is like no other ducted vacuum floor tool. It is the top of the range Vacuum Turbo head tool.

    Featuring a mains powered rotating brush, the vacuum Tornado power head tool powerfully shakes the carpet and sweeps as it vacuums picking up the smallest of dirt crumb and dust particles leaving your home more clean and hygienic than ever before.

    Compatible with 32mm wand and tools


  • $75.00

    Ducted Vacuum Economy Combination Floor Tool


    A quality German manufactured vacuum floor brush ideal for vacuuming carpets and hard floors. It changes from a hard floor tool (brush is engaged) to a carpet tool (brush dis-engaged) by a flick of a button.



  • ducted vacuum floor tool

    Ducted Vacuum Floor Tool – High Efficiency


    A quality German made ducted vacuum floor tool universally suited to all 32mm vacuum cleaners. Efficiently removes the tiniest of particles such as dust from both hard floors and carpets every time you vacuum.


    • Efficient design for dust removal from carpets by up to 77.6% per vacuum
    • Efficient design for dust removal from hard floors up to 110.8%
    • Swivel nozzle connection for easy manoeuvring when vacuuming

    This Product suits:

    • 32mm vacuum cleaners
    • Vax,Electrolux, Eureka, Volta, Hills,some Nilfisk and many others
  • Ducted Vacuum Hose Sock
    $49.95 $32.00

    Ducted Vacuum Hose Sock 12 M

    $49.95 $32.00

    This 12m hose sock will help prevent scratches, chips and scuff marks caused by your ducted vacuum hose rubbing against furniture and fittings in your home. It will help protect furnishings, skirting boards and walls. Fits 10-12m hose. Instantly increase your central vacuum satisfaction with a vacuum Hose Sock Cover. One of the most overlooked items when purchasing a ducted vacuum system. A hose sock is the finishing touch you don’t want to miss and make any central vacuum hose:

    • Easier – Glides over all surfaces
    • Safer – Protects baseboards, furniture
    • Quieter – Insulates hose noise


  • padded hose sock

    Ducted Vacuum Padded Zippered Hose Sock – 9m


    This 9m padded and zippered vacuum hose sock for ducted vacuums is the ideal way to prevent scratching your walls while vacuuming.


    • Fully padded
    • Fits all 9m ducted vacuum hoses
    • Zipper for easy fit
    • Washable
    • Reduces hose noise