Alarm Batteries

Shop our range of replacement alarm batteries for leading alarm brands including: Ness Security, Hills Reliance and Paradox alarms.

To ensure the proper functioning of your alarm system, Home Security Online recommends you replace your alarm battery every 3 to 4 years.
  • $69.00 $29.95

    Hills Reliance Alarm Battery – 12V 4amp

    $69.00 $29.95

    A suitable replacement alarm back up battery for your NX4 Hills Reliance alarm system. It is recommended that you replace the battery in your alarm system every 3 to 4 years to ensure reliability. Buy the battery and replace it yourself or call on a professional.

  • Ness Security Alarm Battery
    $65.00 $35.00

    Ness Security Alarm Battery 12V 7AH

    $65.00 $35.00

    Buy a Ness Security alarm battery which suits almost every Ness Security alarm panels. If you have a Ness alarm system requiring a new battery, simply replace it yourself or call upon a professional.